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The Samodiva Kruchma Joins the (A)nyone (B)ut (E)ngland Camp -23 June 2010

  My local pub or 'kruchma' as it is known can be considered as like many other local village drinking establishments in the world. Men Rule! (At least whilst away from their wives). I have been making the most of my local pub it is a great place to air your problems, practice my Bulgarian and Turkish, and like most pubs at the moment watch the world cup. I am not a fervent England supporter however they are my home nation and I cheer them on. I am not deluded as some fans become every world cup and believe that England are firm favorites. I realise this is mainly down to the press getting bored and trying to sell newspapers, but it does the English poeple living abroad no favours. We all get tarred with the same brush. Anyhow back to the pub.

We had a kind of sweepstake in the pub, in which I have chosen Argentina. Much to everyones surprise, I was questioned about the Falklands and Diego Maradonas 'hand of god' from 1986. I rationalised that Falklands was due to Oil prospects, and keeping Thatcher in power, and Maradonas 2nd goal of the game in 86 deserved to win the world cup on its own that year.

The Falklands The Hand of God

But I would also be cheering 'England' whenever they play. The first game against the USA was but a tepid affair and the end result of 1-1 was probably just right for both teams. Next up Algeria, well we were going to stuff them weren't we. So I informed the pub that there was no chance that Algeria had of not losing. Humble pie fully eaten along with my own hat. It was so bad I asked to change channels at half time. The remainder of the pub from this time became ABE fans. Today in a little over 1 and half hours I shall be venturing back up to the the kruchma where I shall be joined by SFoB. 'Slovenia Fans of Bulgaria'. Am I optomistic? Can I see another match fizzle out into a bore draw. I am keeping my money in my pocket for now.

Predicitons of the rest of the pub in our sweepstake:

  • Brazil
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • USA
I took great pleasure in pointing out that Bulgaria and Turkey had not quite made it to finals much to their disgust.
Update 24 June 2010. Is there anything better than a last 16 game against Germany. (penalties guaranteed). With the prospect of maybe playing Argentina should they both progress!


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