Apple Tree

As this is the first in the grow section I should start by saying, that you should only grow what you want to eat, it is quite pointless having an orchard full of apple trees if you don't like the damn things. Unless of course you just want to make some cider. See the beer and wine section on how to make cider. Apples grown from the seed of an apple will not produce apples of the same sort that the seeds came from. The way to propagate an apple tree is from a hard wood graft, which is a piece of wood from the type of tree that you want to grow grafted on to the roots of a hardy crab apple tree. You can graft your own or just buy direct from your garden centre. Apples grow best in temperate climates and need a dormant cold spell during winter to thrive the best. Apple trees mature quite quickly and can become full size within 4 years if properly looked after.

Planting a Fruit Tree

This is not rocket science, but when it comes to planting a tree, it is probably a job for two someone to hold the sapling straight while the other firms the soil.

1. Dig your hole at least twice as big as the roots of the tree you are planting.

2. If you soil is not well drained add some gravel at the bottom of your hole to help drainage.

3. Place next a layer of compost or manure on the gravel and place your new tree on top, spreading out the roots.

4. Stake your tree if you so wish, or it is a windy spot in you garden. Do this before filling in your hole so as to not damage the roots.

5. Replace the topsoil and cover with organic mulch, keep this from touching the trunk if possible.

6. If staked, tie to your stake.

7. Firm the soil around the base and water well around the whole area of the base.

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