You can grow cabbage throughout the year. They can provide you with fresh vegetable and vitamins even in the depths of winter. If cooked properly and not boiled to death on mothers stove, they are absolutely delicious. I prefer my cabbage in salad form and it makes great coleslaw see here

Growing Cabbage

1. Depending on the type of cabbage that you are planting, be it spring, summer or winter will depend on when you plant out.

2. When planting out firm the soil around seedling, as they do not appreciate loose soil around there roots.

3. Cabbages do suffer from quite a lot of external attacks by caterpillars, root flies and the like. Although I have had very little experience of this my neighbours crop has been decimated on occasion. These can be treated, soot seems to work for the butterflies, root worm needs some sort of inorganic nitrate to get rid of it.

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