The cauliflower, which is from the cabbage family has been bred to flower in its first year, which the cabbage will do in its second year. So we are asking the cauliflower to get through two years work in one, bless it. It is the actual flowers that we consume. You can do an awful lot more with cauliflower than the cauliflower cheese. I particularly enjoy it in a pickled salad.

How to Grow Cauliflower

1. Sow seeds in a seed bed and plant out when you 3 or 4 main leaves, do not count the first ‘two seed leaves’

2. Ensure that each seedling planted out has a bud at the centre or you will just be growing green foliage.

3. Some types of cauliflower need the flowers protecting from the sun as this turns them yellow and makes them taste slightly bitter. Do this by folding over some of the outer leaves and tying in place.

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