The humble spud, which has its origins in south and central america, is actually a member of the solanaceae family, along with peppers, chillis and strangely enough tobacco. Potatoes prefer an acidic soil. To get a good yield from your crop you will have to dig deeply, and incorporate plenty of compost and manure. This should be done in the autumn time before next years planting. I plant my potatoes in trenches 15 cm deep. Your 'seed' potatoes, which in fact are just potatoes, should be about the size of an egg. I plant mine about 30 cm apart in the trenches. They can be grown quite successfully in container, an old dustbin is ideal.

How to Grow Potatoes

1. Dig in as much compost or manure as you have spare to the plot the previos autumn.

2. Dig trenches 15 cm deep and 50 cm apart.

3. Place your 'seed' potatoes 'eyes upwards' every 30 cm along your trench.

4. Either cover with compost if you have it or replace the topsil from the trench.

5. To increase your yield and to stop the potatoes turning green, 'earth up' (which means drawing soil over the plant) every month or so, until your trenches resemble ridges, and leave a trench between rows.

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