Anyone who uses pesto in cooking knows that a small amount of basil can flavour an large amount of pasta. It is also very easy to grow even if you only have a spare windowsill. I grow it in my herb garden and it takes up about a square foot of space but yields enough basil to make about 500g of pesto. I then collect the seeds from the remaining plants to be planted next year as frost kills it off. The remaining leaves are then dried and added to mixed herbs pot.

How to Grow Basil

1. Sow seeds indoors. basil will grow all year round on a sunny windowsill.

2. Do not plant out until the weather has warmed the soil, any late frost will quickly kill them off.

3. Plant out about 10 cm apart.

4. To use fresh pick the leaves as and when, for drying I cut the plant at the base and dry the whole plant.

5. Can be used to make ‘pesto’ recipe here

My Basil Seedlings

My Basil Seedlings Just making an appearnace 23 May 2010

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