Broad Beans


It took me a while to like these again, I think I suffered as a child being force feed some from my mothers vegetable plot that were old and leathery, and it put me off for quite a while.

I have since grown winter sown broad beans here in Bulgaria and eaten them as soon as they picked, they are absolutely great.
They also make a good protein fodder for pigs if they get a bit tough for your own consumption.

Broad beans are not fussy when it comes to soil types and even prosper in heavy clay. Can be dried and stored for winter use but much nicer fresh straight from the pod.

Growing Broadbeans

1. These can be planted in either the autumn or the early spring, I prefer a late autumn sowing which gives them a better start in the spring.

2. It is probably best to soak your seeds in water prior to planting.

3. Plant in rows 30 cm apart. Two seeds every 15 cm or so.

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