Do not eat garlic alone! Garlic for two is fine, but it gives your breath quite a whiff! It can be added as flavour to just about any dish, and really acts as a herb in flavouring. Donít by seed, just get a garlic bulb break it open and plant the individual cloves (point upwards) where they will get lots of sun. Really one of the easiest plants to grow. Donít forget to save a few bulbs each year for your next years crop. I use mine raw in a mixed salad. It has many benefits, vitmains and helps with blood pressure by all accounts!

How to Grow Garlic

1. Plant each individual clove 10 cm apart in all directions, either in the spring or autumn

2. Harvest when the green stems yellow and die back, string as per onions. Store strings in the shed for use as and when.

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