After living Wales for 5 years I appreciate the leek far more than when I hadnít lived there, it is not only a substitute for onions, but has a place all of its own. It is also extremely hardy and is very easy to grow. Cawl the traditional welsh soup has at its base leeks. Its recipe is here. I have also pickled the ones I have thinned out just as you would do with onions.

How to Grow Leeks

1. This could well be the first seeds that you plant in the year, Sometimes as early as Feb if the ground allows

2. Transplant from the seedbed when the size and thickness of a pencil

3. Make a hole in the ground put in your leek and fill the hole with water.

4. To extend the white part of the leek earth up regularly.

5. Make sure you donít just eat the white part as the green stem contains many vitamins and nutrients.

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