Although I have successfully grown pumpkins in Bulgaria, where they appeaer in every garden. I have not taken them to heart as I have other specialities. For where I live they are used as a dessert, and I am not that big on desserts. They are similar in growing method to that of marrows and courgettes. If anyone knows of a savoury recipe that uses pumkins please let me know and I will give them another try. TGL@thegudlife.com

How to Grow Pumkins

1. Plant the seeds direct in their final destination in early summer, or sow in doors (preferably peat pots as they don't travel well) and plant out after the last frost.

2. Plant each pumkin at least 1.5 metres apart as the take up quite a lot of space.

3. I wait until the first frost to harvest mine, and then store in a net (old onion sack)

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