Spinach, as well as making popeye invincible, which I have read somewhere was a mistake by a food tinning company that put the decimal point in the wrong place when displaying the nutrional content of their canned spinach! Is also a main ingredient along with eggs in eggs benedict. I use it fresh as a replacement for lettuce in sandwiches, and grow it much the same way. As it contains oxalic acid you don't want to be eating mountains of the stuff.

How to Grow Spinach

1. Grow from seed, in rows, stagger your sowing if you wish to have a constant supply, as you would with lettuce.

2. Pick leaves from the outside and work your way in, do this for each plant, it will then carry on growing.

3. Wash and place direct into a hot pan with nothing else, and watch your mountain of spinach diappear into nothing!

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